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Friends of Live Oaks (FOLO) would like you to partner with us to permanently preserve the Virginia Beach Live Oak Grove as a Natural Area.

Partnering simply means supporting FOLOs request COVB permanently preserves Live Oak Grove as a Natural Area.

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Live Oak Grove is magical.
Live Oak Grove is magical.

The City of Virginia Beach defines a Natural Area as follows:


A natural area is a municipal preservation area whose primary purpose is to preserve the indigenous vegetation and wildlife in order to serve as green infrastructure and as a scenic environment for Virginia Beach residents to enjoy. Natural areas include areas for protection and management of the natural/cultural environment with recreation use as a secondary objective. Recreational use might include passive recreation activities such as hiking, birding, and environmental education.

Live Oak Grove benefits Virginia Beach.

It is land already owned by City of Virginia Beach.

It contains over 100 live oaks, the Official City Tree.

It is part of the Urban Tree Canopy.

Virginia Beach has adopted a goal to expand the Urban Tree Canopy from 38% to 45 % of the land in the next 20 years. That includes preserving what we already have whenever possible.

Its trees contribute to economic savings & environmental benefits.

Live Oak Grove meets the purpose of a Natural Area.

Future educational and recreational opportunities.

Time is of the essence since planning may be firmed up within a few short months.

Live Oak Grove is within the ITA. FAQs here.

We simply ask you to support us in our request City of Virginia Beach permanently preserve Live Oak Grove as a Natural Area.

Activities for Partners could include promoting this among their members, posting information in their communications and social media, and possible attending City meetings to help influence the outcomes in favor of the Grove. Friends of Live Oaks will keep our partners up-to-date on the progress of the Project.

We’d love to Partner with:

Organizations, schools, businesses, individuals, classes, clubs, teams…YOU!

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Friends of Live Oaks (FOLO) is spearheading the Project.

Step One Partners so far

Friends of Live Oaks
Shore Drive Community Coalition
Sandra Elba
Brian Becksted
Kristie Zeiler
Laura Baity
Beth Darrow
Paige O’Shaughnessy
Cynthia Concepcion
Ocean Park Cottage
Tuck Bowie
Michael A Taylor
Donna Rennick
Tracy Estep
Margaret Slattery
Amanda Brown
Barbara stansbury
Kenny White
Patsy Schutte
Sherri Goudeau
Chris Nelms
Bill Powell
Sean Mulligan
Alison Ferner
Ann L. Wright
Boyd MacIver
Jane M Purrington
Carole Decker
Elizabeth Holt
Meghan Stufflebeem
Leslie Culbertson
Chesapeake Bay Foundation
Kevin Dubois
Ryan McCawley
Pleasure House Oysters
McCawley Digital Development
The Princess Anne Garden Club
Katy McReynolds
Brian Mohl
Garden & Forest Consulting
Carol Brighton
Tidewater Current
James Hemphill
Craig Miles
Tracy Sordi
Kathy Spencer
Mike Hurley
Lynnhaven River NOW
Pam Monahan
Jennifer Finger
Dawn Davenport
Linda Hutson
Lori Acker
Florence Womacks
Steven James
Ann Manning
Kathleen Stangret
Karen Roberts
Rob Devinney
Dawn Bell
Ed Gibbs
Chris Wood