What is Live Oak Grove?
It’s a grove of over 100 Live Oak trees, the Virginia Beach City Tree, on 3.2 acres of land in Virginia Beach.

Where is Live Oak Grove?
Live Oak Grove is found on one of the few remaining undeveloped parcels of land in Virginia Beach north of the Green Line located between the Virginia Beach Sportsplex and Virginia Beach National Golf Club. It is located within the Interfacility Traffic Area(ITA) & Master Vicinity Plan.


Who owns Live Oak Grove?
The City of Virginia Beach(COVB) owns Live Oak Grove.

Why set aside and preserve Live Oak Grove?
Live Oak Grove is vital open space already owned by COVB and it’s preservation helps maintain the City’s Urban Tree Canopy and will help COVB maintain & improve it’s legally required Total Daily Load Maximums, TDMLs.

Why is it time sensitive?
The ITA and Vicinity Master Plan is being updated right now. Our goal is to make the permanent preservation of Live Oak Grove part of that plan.

What is the ITA and Vicinity Master Plan?
The Interfacility Traffic Area (ITA) is an overlay zoning district established in 2005 to limit development that is incompatible with frequent overflights by jet aircraft traveling between Naval Air Station (NAS) Oceana and Naval Auxiliary Landing Field (NALF) Fentress (located in Chesapeake).Learn more about the ITA here at VBGov.com.

Why preserve live oaks?
The Live Oak tree is the official City Tree of Virginia Beach and continues to stand as a splendid representation of the wonder of natural beauty and a symbol of constancy.

Winn, win, win?
Winn Nursery planted live oaks for nursery stock.
City of Virginia Beach purchased the nursery & has kept & maintained Live Oak Grove. Permanently preserving Live Oak Grove would make it a Winn, win, win for future generations.

What history is associated with the presence of the Live Oak?
The Live Oak tree has been a watchful witness to the history of Virginia Beach for centuries.
These long-lived trees have been present from before the time of the Native American to European First Landing in 1607; observed the construction of Adam Thoroughgood’s House in 1636 and the Pembroke Manor House in 1764. These trees were here in Virginia Beach at the time of the Skirmish of Kempsville in 1775, during the construction of The Francis Land House at Rose Hall in 1804, and were on the scene of the Swing and Big Band Era at the Cavalier Hotel in the 1930’s and 40’s. Live Oaks continue to stand watchfully over the present forward movement of the City in major projects such as the Lesner Bridge Project and the Town Center Development.

What are some important ways Live Oak Grove can help the citizens of Virginia Beach?
Included among the long list of benefits of City Trees are clean air and water.
They are vital for critters including birds, and migratory birds. Open space in the city continues to diminish and the crucial need for parks and natural areas for public use increases. To see Live Oak Grove as a protected natural area, future outdoor classroom, and park setting is vital in maintaining our connection to the outdoors in the modern world. Our citizens can sense the importance of the Live Oak tree standing as a wise sentinel over decisions that are made regarding current issues and as yet unidentified issues to come.

How do we recognize and designate Live Oak Grove in Virginia Beach as an important part of the Interfacility Traffic (ITA) Area Plan?
Let’s take this opportunity to permanently preserve Live Oak Grove in ITA planning!

What are some steps to take to permanently preserve Live Oak Grove as a protected natural area, future outdoor classroom, and park setting?

    Gather additional endorsements from city agencies and public entities as well as added citizen support.

    Call for a formal survey to accurately outline the area.

    Deliver a request to the Virginia Beach City Council members asking for official rezoning of the designated Live Oak Grove area as protected natural area, future outdoor classroom, and park setting.

Step Two?
We’ll let you know. Thank you for joining us in Step One.

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